When I designed a new logo for my Etsy shop and to use on business cards, labels, etc., I created a curl out of 16-gauge sterling silver wire to use as a capital ‘C,’ and wrapped it in a smaller copper coil.  I loved the result, but once I’d photographed it, I really had no use for it.

Modified, however, I think it makes a rather lovely pendant.  I reworked the copper, attached it with smaller sterling wire, and polished it in my tumbler.  Rather than hang it from cord, which would have been fine, I tried out a pendant hanger twirled around silk ribbon.  I think it works.  Not sure – thoughts, anyone?  Would a more simple cord be better?


Something about this focal bead just grabbed me when I saw it on ebay.  I love Robin’s work – very sensual beads.  

I did what I usually do when I get a new bead – I held it, stared at it, and thought about it for days before I sat down to do something with it.  I had an idea in my head, put it all together and felt . . . . blah.  Nope.  Didn’t do it justice.  I’d used the same matte-finish black beads I used in the finished piece, but had paired them with square beads that (sort of) mirrored the band of white/black/silver on the yellow.  Somehow, though, the squares overpowered the focal.  It wasn’t right.  I sighed, slid them all off the beading wire and worked on something else while I rolled it around my brain a few more times.  I hadn’t planned on using seed beads; I feared the focal was too strong for that – but all it needed was a few strands.  When I finished, I felt like I’d given this lovely bead, “Wasabi,” as Robin called it, the perfect home.  What do you think?  Does it work?  Matte black, off-white and sterling nuggets that keep that sensual, organic feel in tact.  And the sterling clasp, even though one seller called it “stained glass,” reminds me more of Japanese architecture, a silk and bamboo screen, perhaps  – just right for a bit a Wasabi.

I delivered 16 pieces to Charm today, and while I was there, took a few pictures of the shop. The owner, Kari, is a delightful young woman, and I was thrilled to finally meet her in person. If you’re in St. Louis – or if you visit here – it is worth the trip, full of great stuff by local artists. Can’t wait to take new stuff in before too long, but right now, am working on a couple of new pieces for Etsy.

I also sent a photo of the necklace below with the rings and links to Leah, the artist who made the rings, and she was very happy with the resulting piece. All in all, a good day in my little corner of the jewelry world!