When I designed a new logo for my Etsy shop and to use on business cards, labels, etc., I created a curl out of 16-gauge sterling silver wire to use as a capital ‘C,’ and wrapped it in a smaller copper coil.  I loved the result, but once I’d photographed it, I really had no use for it.

Modified, however, I think it makes a rather lovely pendant.  I reworked the copper, attached it with smaller sterling wire, and polished it in my tumbler.  Rather than hang it from cord, which would have been fine, I tried out a pendant hanger twirled around silk ribbon.  I think it works.  Not sure – thoughts, anyone?  Would a more simple cord be better?


I delivered 16 pieces to Charm today, and while I was there, took a few pictures of the shop. The owner, Kari, is a delightful young woman, and I was thrilled to finally meet her in person. If you’re in St. Louis – or if you visit here – it is worth the trip, full of great stuff by local artists. Can’t wait to take new stuff in before too long, but right now, am working on a couple of new pieces for Etsy.

I also sent a photo of the necklace below with the rings and links to Leah, the artist who made the rings, and she was very happy with the resulting piece. All in all, a good day in my little corner of the jewelry world!

That has taken a lot of work.  But here I am, at that point in my life where I see both ends – the childhood long past, and the finite end toward which we all move.  Not that I see the end, of course not.  Far off, I hope, not yet in view.  But at 50, I no longer believe in my own invincibility, and I understand that for each of us, time is a finite quantity.

I want to make the most of it.

I’ve done that in the past, but only in fits and spurts.  Being a full-time, stay-at-home mom was my greatest achievement, watching my two daughters become the most amazing people I know.  But they are old enough now not to need me for all those daily tasks I could lose myself doing.  I finished a return trip to school, then found and ultimately lost a job.  For the last several months, I’ve found myself too often distracted, mired in unproductive lethargy by thoughts that race and careen around my brain with seemingly little purpose. Frustrating, sometimes even agonizing.

So I choose to move forward.

The one place I find myself calm and productive is lost in my wires and beads.  When I curl a piece of wire, curling and smoothing and shaping and letting my fingers guide it to its new shape, I feel . . . peaceful.  Which, in turn, energizes me, and I find myself more functional around the house, able to write and get done what needs to be done.

I’m going to track my progress here, blogging my adventures with curls.